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Send Device Commands

Device commands are sent by users via the SmartThings app or by Automations. A device command is first sent to SmartThings Cloud, which then calls the SmartApp Connector. The SmartApp Connector should then relay the command to the third-party device cloud, which actuates the device.

Actuate cloud device

Here is an example of a POST request body to execute a command on a device.

"component": "main",
"capability": "colorControl",
"command": "setHue",
"arguments": [
"value": 25,
"unit": "percent"

Commands are asynchronous. When a command to a device is issued by the SmartApp Connector, the 204 No content (success) response is sent back from SmartThings Cloud, only indicating that the command is valid, and that the SmartApp Connector has permissions to issue this command. Proper events will be created by SmartThings Cloud when the device is eventually actuated.

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